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3 Instagram and 3 Twitter Profiles You Should Be Following

Let's face it, these days social media has become a lot more negative than it used to be. Everyone is complaining about politics, TV shows, or other users. But if you really look for it, and choose who you follow carefully, there are still those profiles on Instagram and Twitter that will bring you joy, good information, or both.


1. The Rock (@therock)

Besides being the most popular actor in all the world (and the busiest I might add) Dwayne "the Rock" Johnson is also very active on Instagram. Johnson has said he prefers Instagram over other social platforms because of the visual component that's there. So if you follow Dwayne you'll frequently see him posting about his upcoming projects, his workouts, and other fun stuff going on in his world. One thing you'll see often on Dwayne's page is he often thanks his fan base for all the support he's received over the years. He'll even put up video of him saying a message, or stopping to say hello to fans who've been waiting outside all day to see him. That type of content warms the heart.

2. Jennifer Garner (@jennifer.garner)

Jennifer Garner is an actress probably best known for her role on the spy show ALIAS. But Garner's Instagram posts show off the hilarious side to her She likes to have fun on her Instagram account and will often post what she calls "fake cooking show" videos that show her making different recipes. Garner's posts are lighthearted and fun which makes them highly entertaining and a joy to follow.

3. TIE: Puppystagrams(@puppystagrams) & Meowingtonsco (@meowingtonsco)

Who doesn't love animals right? Well without being bias towards dogs or cats I decided to include both. Puppystagrams has, you guessed it, videos and pictures of pups to get you through your day. Over on Meowingtonsco their approach is a little more on the funny side. You'll get your daily fix of cat photos but often with a humorous image, video, or tag to make you laugh out loud.


1. Becky Lynch (@beckylynchwwe)

Whether you are a fan of professional wrestling or not you have to admire Becky Lynch's Twitter game. She uses her social media platform brilliantly as a way to promote her character and upcoming matches on WWE. In the build-up to the history making main event at WrestleMania 35, it was Lynch's back-and-forth with opponent Ronda Rousey that kept everyone with their notifications button clicked wondering what Lynch was going to say next. Her witty come backs have slayed everyone who tries to cross her path and earned her a faithful following.

2. Lewis Howes (@lewishowes)

Lewis Howes is a former pro athlete turned motivator. He brightens up your timeline with motivational little nuggets that encourage you on the path towards your dreams. What's more, Lewis is responsive and interacts with those who comment or ask questions.

3. Fitness Hacks 101 (@fitnesshacks101)

Because I'm a big believer in health and fitness I'd be remiss if I didn't include Fitness Hacks. There's a lot of fitness pages out there with a lot of good content but what I like about Fitness Hacks is their simple, straightforward approach that answers real questions people have about fitness.

These are just a few of the accounts and profiles to follow on Instagram and Twitter that will bring you something positive when you jump on social. There's plenty more out there, you just have to navigate the sea of negativity until you find them. Then you'll find social media as the entity it was meant to be: informing, entertaining, and social.

If you'd like to follow me on Instagram and Twitter you can find me under @originalcynergy



"Original Cyn" Cynthia Vespia writes fantasy novels with edge. This blog is dedicated to all things fantasy, writer wellness, and my author journey.


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