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A Worthy Workshop – My Personal Experience at DDPY

Awhile back I did a review on DDPY, the part yoga-part calisthenics workout developed by former pro wrestling champion Diamond Dallas Page. It’s an effective complete workout program that’s helped thousands of people around the world in major ways be it weight loss, return from injury, or simply feeling better about themselves.

As a former fitness competitor I’ve got my own wear and tear to deal with. The DDPY system has helped relieve the strain that comes with excessive activity and the stress of day-to-day. It’s almost like hitting the reset button. Thing is you have to keep pushing that button for it to really work. In other words, you have to keep doing the program.

A few weeks back I was fortunate enough to attend a live, hands-on workshop hosted by Diamond Dallas Page himself. The DDPY workshop was part of a big weekend of wrestling in Las Vegas and I can honestly say it was the only thing that took place that weekend that was worth my time and money.

From the jump Dallas engaged everyone who walked through the door. Not only did he pose for pictures with the over 100 plus who attended but he had you do his trademark diamond symbol with your hands which wound up being a lesson in itself. Dallas taught me the proper way to engage the muscles from the tips of the fingers up to the shoulders. Small modifications such as that was one of the highlights of being in a hands-on workshop where the creator of DDPY is instructing you himself.

Before the workshop even started Dallas gave background on his life and career for the one or two people who weren’t familiar with his backstory. With his infectious positivity flooding the room it felt like a seminar led by self-help guru Tony Robbins that really fired you up with amazing energy. DDP even credits Robbins as one of his main influences that brought him to this point in his life.

From there we went into a warm-up where Page and his crew showed us exactly how to perform each move for maximum benefit. With the help of his daughter (Ashley) calling out the moves, and his wife Brenda walking the floor, they led us through a full DDPY workout. I even had DDP himself correct my form…that was pretty cool!

At the end of the session DDP fielded questions and then stayed around afterwards to shake hands and speak one-on-one with some of the participants. He was very generous of his time and advice. My brother hadn’t been able to attend and when I told DDP he graciously cut a quick video promo for him.

If you have the opportunity to experience a DDPY workshop in your area I highly recommend you do. 



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