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Dealing with Roadblocks

On the road to fulfilling your goals and achieving your dreams you're going to run into stumbling blocks or the even bigger ones...roadblocks.

Here's an example: I worked half a day on a video compilation only to have Youtube block it completely on copyright grounds for the song I used. Perfectly reasonable according to their rules, EXCEPT for the fact that there's several other people using the same song on Youtube free and clear. Regardless of that fact mine was blocked and I wound up losing half a day and, more importantly, I don't get to share this video with you all.

This same day I tried to use my new waffle maker. I over filled it and forgot to spray down the trays so it wound up being a mess. Pretty frustrating. I could've easily wrote off the day but instead I tried again, for both instances.

On my second try with the waffle it turned out crisp and light. To be honest it was the first time I'd tasted it cooked all the way through, including from the pan that I'd been using prior. I've yet to redo the video, new song and all, but the only saving grace there is I had another song in mind that I can use that might actually turn out better than the previous one.


Need additional motivation? This video will help you Keep Going


These little stumbling blocks for my day made me think of the bigger picture. When you're faced with a block in the road on the way to your goals you can choose to let it trip you up, or you can find another way around it.

When you find a way around, take another stab at the goal, it may actually turn out better than the first go. Does this mean you keep doing things over and over until they're perfect, no. It simply means you do not bend in the face of adversity. Take a deep breath and find a way around, over, or through that damn roadblock.

As Mel Robbins said: "Sometimes you need to change the plan, not the goal."

I'd like to add that you can adjust your sails as much as you need but always keep clear your destination.



"Original Cyn" Cynthia Vespia writes fantasy novels with edge. This blog is dedicated to all things fantasy, writer wellness, and my author journey.


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