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Finish That First Draft!

Earlier this year I started writing the 2nd book in my Vegas Vendettas contemporary fantasy series. The series itself was never meant to be until recently. Off the success of my novel Lucky Sevens, I decided to turn what was supposed to be a stand-alone novel into a trilogy. This trilogy is different as it tells stories within the same world and location, that being my hometown of Las Vegas, but I insert new characters into each book.

So, the characters inhabiting the world in book 2 were very different from the security supervisor and his stripper girlfriend in Lucky Sevens. Although, to keep the books linked in some way, I did insert certain characters and locations from Lucky Sevens into book 2, Vegas Valkyries. But the main characters introduced a fresh story.

As the title indicates, my focus was on Norse Valkyries, three to be exact. Cast from Valhalla Bryn, Sigr, and Kava try to win back Odin's favor by becoming Las Vegas bounty hunters.

Because it was a departure from Lucky Sevens, I got to explore new themes and I fell in love with this trio of Valkyries. I drew on other trios I love like the girls in the film Blue Crush, the trio in the TV series Cleopatra 2525, and especially the group in the new series Motherland: Fort Salem.

Each Valkyrie had their own unique story thread mixed up in the bigger picture of trying to return to Valhalla and facing a major evil obstacle along the way. But it wasn't always sunshine and roses writing Vegas Valkyries. Many times I got stuck because I was trying to live up to how well I wrote Lucky Sevens. I also had quite a bit of Norse mythology to research which took some effort. It was a bumpy road for sure and at times I didn't even know if I could finish. But when I decided to drop the perfectionism, that's when I started having fun.

What happened is that it exploded into a fight night on the Las Vegas Strip which is what Vegas is known for: big fights and big entertainment. I started to include the MMA scene which I trained in myself for several years. Going back to my roots let me flush out ideas in a rather unique way and I finished that first draft in time to get a polished copy to publication.

I'm happy with the way it turned out and I'm proud I finished the story. Looking back at the journey I really do love the Valkyrie characters I came up with. In fact, they're some of my favorites! This is why it's so important to finish what you started, you never know where it will lead to.

I no longer try to write to please everyone because you can't please everybody, you're not pizza! But I know that the story I told, and the characters and world I created, will attract the audience it's meant for. So, if you loved Loki or American Gods then Vegas Valkyries is the book for you!


American Gods meets Charlie's Angels in the urban fantasy novel, Vegas Valkyries.

Cast from Valhalla, a trio of Valkyries seek to win back Odin’s favor in their new roles as Las Vegas bounty hunters. Book 2 in the Vegas Vendettas series. If you liked Loki, this book is for you!

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"Original Cyn" Cynthia Vespia writes fantasy novels with edge. This blog is dedicated to all things fantasy and my author journey.


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