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Review: The Boys

Here’s the thing, I’m big into all things superhero so I really wanted to like this series. It takes all the things you generally think about superheroes and turns them on their head. But, I didn’t enjoy it as much as I thought I would…if at all. This review is going to be short and sweet.


The thing that worked is what drew me in initially which is the overall plot and that can be directly lifted from the comic book/graphic novel of the same name. It gives the superheroes more layers which makes them more human and relatable. However, that same plot premise is part of what didn’t work for me which we’ll get to in a moment.

Another plus point was the work of Elisabeth Shue. I’m used to her leaning more towards the nicer roles but in this instance she brought a new level to her work. Again, there were layers to her character that you could invest in.


So I did watch the entire first season and what I came up with is that I just don’t like any of these characters. Yes, they’re more believable as super powered people in a real world but they all suck. There are no redeemable qualities to them at all and that is the exact premise of the show but I’m not just talking about the superheroes, I’m talking about the leads played by Jack Quaid and Karl Urban. Quaid in particular just doesn’t come off as a hero looking to avenge the death of his GF or right the wrongs that The Seven are doing. Urban is a little more interesting mainly because I’ve enjoyed his work in other projects but even he falls short in this series.

I know a lot of people really enjoyed it but to me it was a lot of dubious shit thrown together to make The Seven seem incredibly vile. And The Boys who come together to stop them are just not entertaining enough to propel the show.




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