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Why recreation is just as important as responsibilities

No one works harder on their career than I do. In that I mean, no one can push me harder than myself. I'm constantly trying to come up with new ideas for novels, marketing, brand design, etc. But when the time calls for it I allow myself to take a break and enjoy activities.

If you don't schedule time to relax you will likely burn out.

And even in that sentence, I wonder about using the word "schedule" because it brings about thoughts of too much control and rigidity. Being spontaneous in adventure is very freeing. But for the purposes of what I'm really getting at here about allowing yourself recreation I'll use a moment from my own life.

Being a writer is stressful on the mind. Mental exhaustion is real in the face of such a topsy turvey world couple with an unstable career field.

So, when the opportunity arises to take a well earned break I used to wonder if I should do so. Unfortunately, I've inherited a worry over money that I've been trying to break as of late.

Life is too short to spend so much of it looking to the future.

Over the years I've started rewarding myself with trips and treats in the form of concerts and events. When everything got locked down I was thankful for the prior year I spent going to things I almost didn't allow myself to do.

Now, I realize the importance of living as much as you can in the moment. So, when WWE Summerslam came around to Vegas, I jumped on the chance to go. One of my favorite pasttimes growing up was watching wrestling and I still enjoy going to the live shows. The energy was off the charts for Summerslam and I enjoyed the fact I enjoyed the entire weekend as multiple opportunities came up to mingle with the WWE superstars both past and present.

One such opportunity arose when I got to speak with an icon in women's wrestling, Madusa. She was my favorite growing up and I've since had the chance to speak with her outside the context of sports entertainment. Turns out she's a really cool cat and she's sent me some encouraging words.

With that in mind, I dedicated my latest book Vegas Valkyries to Madusa and was fortunate enough to present it to her at a signing. What a fun day that was! Little kid me is still smiling!!

This is why it's important to step away from the computer and your worries to have a little fun in life. It's meant to be lived, not locked away by any means. Go allow yourself some adventure while it's there for the taking! When you get back to your work you'll feel refueled and ready to rock.



"Original Cyn" Cynthia Vespia writes fantasy novels with edge. This blog is dedicated to all things fantasy, writer wellness, and my author journey.


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