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Vegas Valkyries

The Valkyries ride again!

Bryn, Kava, and Sigr were Odin’s finest warrior Valkyries until he cast them from Valhalla. Now they’re forced to make amends as the toughest bounty hunting trio in Las Vegas. While catching bail jumpers and magical fugitives, they learn the Queen of Death, Hel has brought her forces of chaotic evil to Sin City.

Seeking to win back Odin’s favor, and return home, the Valkyries take it upon themselves to try and stop Helheim from cloaking the city. But as the final battle looms, will Bryn’s reluctance to leave her new mortal life cost the Valkyries this much needed victory?

The next fight night in Las Vegas carries the biggest stakes of all…the fate of the world!

Part of the VEGAS VIGILANTES fantasy series. Fans of Neil Gaiman's Norse Mythology or American Gods will love Vegas Valkyries.



 “Did you know that in Bakersfield, anyone having sex with Satan must wear a condom? It’s true, says so right there in the law books.”

“Are you comparing me to your Satan?” Sigr asked, her eyes and hands moving through the darkness with guarded intent. 

“Well, you are a little devil.”

The spark from her suitor’s cigar added pinpoint accuracy. She countered his words with her own as she silently loaded a bolt into place on the crossbow. 

“Someone once compared me to an angel,” she said.

“Was he right?”

“Then perhaps. Now my wings are dirty.”

She brought the crossbow level with her target as he lay across the stale sheets of the motel bed, puffing on his cigar. 

“I like dirty,” he said. 

Without further hesitation, Sigr fired… and missed. Apparently, she underestimated the power of her opponent. He avoided the shot, not with speed or cunning, but with magic. 

As the bolt raced through the air, it wound up puncturing the headboard. The electric charge from the arrow coursed its way through the bed frame. Miss or not, it would’ve still rendered Sigr’s target unconscious, as she intended, if he hadn’t disappeared in a wisp of smoke. It was a scene straight out of any tacky Vegas stage show, except this sorcerer knew real tricks. 

Sigr saw him reappear outside the window of the motel. He gave her an annoying little wave, and the chase was on. Sigr prided herself on being fleet of foot, but even maintaining the supernatural abilities of a Valkyrie it still wouldn’t be a fair race when magic was involved. She’d been a bounty hunter long enough to know when to call in back-up. And when your catch was the King of Magic, you called in the heavy hitters.

He was fast and tricky, like any good disciple of the God of Mischief would be. But Chris King wasn’t Loki, which made him ripe for a bait and switch maneuver. 

With his attention on Sigr, he didn’t see Kava rounding the corner until it was too late. The wild, stormy one, Kava barreled into him with the thickness of her muscular arm. It connected with his throat and knocked him to the sidewalk. But King was only stunned momentarily. 

 Even though his Earthbound magic wouldn’t do much harm in Valhalla, it still threatened the safety of Valkyrie, stripped of their immortality. As Sigr caught up with King, he tossed her through a plate-glass window with just a flip of his hand.

Shards of glass exploded all around her as she landed inside a coffee house. The customers and staff were too stunned to move. They grew even more surprised as Sigr simply stood and brushed the flecks of glass off her leather jacket. 

“Sorry about the mess,” she told them. 

Stepping out through the broken-out window, she continued the chase. The bounty on King’s head was too important to let him slip away. 


Vegas Vigilantes 2

Copyright © 2021 Cynthia Vespia

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