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Telling your story with Cynfulcharm

Dry copy that simply lists a skill-set or a service can only get your business so far. Most of today's brands are built around storytelling. Every company or entrepreneur has a story to tell and when you deep dive into that story it resonates with your target audience in a way that simple charts and info-graphics cannot. That's because stories stir up passion and make your audience want to take action. But there's an art to storytelling that not everyone can perfect. Fortunately, you've come to the right place. 

My background as a novelist gives me the tools needed to craft a superb story that will capture the attention of any audience. Words have power and I know how to wield them to obtain a desired result. There is a structure to every story and knowing it enables me to communicate your message in a way that informs, inspires, and entertains all with a CTA in mind. Bottom line is I tell a great story.  

WEBSITE CONTENT: You may have a visually stunning website but if your content is poorly written it will have a direct effect on your business. Bad grammar and run-on sentences are a turn-off for potential clients or customers. I write website copy that is succinct and to-the-point with a focus on SEO to keep your website high in the rankings. And if you need your website designed from scratch or edited, I can do that too.

EMAIL MARKETING: Whether you need a monthly email, or a one-off email media campaign to announce an exciting new campaign, having your emails written in a professional manner is essential. My experience with email marketing campaigns will insure your message is opened, read and an action taken.

PRESS RELEASE: In a press release every word counts when you want to reach the right people with your message. Whether you're a corporation, small business, author, or entrepreneur using a press release grabs attention and lets the media and public know what your big news is.

BROCHURES: If you've ever been to a spa or resort you know their brochures go deep into how the services will make you feel. It's storytelling at its finest as they engage your emotions or sense of adventure. In the hands of a skilled wordsmith, such as myself, any service or product can do the same for the intended audience. The pages of a brochure offer immense opportunity to discuss many different facets of your business. 

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