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My Writing Journey


I've been writing for over 2 decades. It's been a passion and a pain in the ass. But even though the struggle of self publishing is a true challenge, one thing always remains. Following a story from the initial spark of an idea through to those inevitable words "the end" brings a satisfaction like no other.  Even though I'm not at the level I'd like to be at with my work, I have completed quite a few books and short stories. No one can take that accomplishment away from me. And now, with self-publishing becoming a viable option for many authors to get their work seen and read (when otherwise they would be barred by disillusioned gatekeepers) it gives us indie authors the opportunity to get our work in front of those that really matter...the readers.

Hearing back from readers who have read and enjoyed my work is the reason I keep going even when the stress and pressure of marketing, balancing work and life, or other matters start to weigh me down. It is in their words that make me want to continue my craft. 

I started self-publishing back when it wasn't the "cool" thing to do. My first novel, The Crescent, had been shopped around with some interest but no publishing success. So I decided to try to go the indie route and see what would happen. Fast forward to today and that first book is now in talks to become a major motion picture. That wouldn't have happened if I couldn't put a physical copy of my book in the hands of the right people.

The true joy of it was being able to hold that finished novel in my hands. And even in the infancy of self publishing I was thoroughly pleased with being able to be in control of my book's future from start to finish.  This is the way it should be, I think. As author, you have the vision for your book and what you want to relate to the audience. Having the option to self publish gives you that type of control. And with so many new options, it has become even easier. Gone are the days of having to store boxes of books in a basement, attic, or garage. I can order as many, or little, books as I need for events. And e-books make it even easier to share with the opportunity to reach new readers.

There's so many options at hand, the only thing to hold you back is yourself really. It can be daunting, but when broken down into smaller goals you can reach your dreams. And that's the beauty of self somewhat evens the playing field. Traditional publishing doesn't like to take risks, as an indie author that is the only way to make your mark. So take risks, publish that book, and live your dreams. 




"Original Cyn" Cynthia Vespia writes fantasy novels with edge. This blog is dedicated to all things fantasy and my author journey.


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