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"Original Cyn" Cynthia Vespia writes fantasy novels for deviant minds including urban fantasy vigilantes and heroic adventure fantasy. Her books have featured a secret group of superhero renegades; the dark side of vigilante justice in Las Vegas; and a duo of demon hunters fighting supernatural beings. She is currently working on a new dragon fantasy trilogy and a vigilante urban fantasy series featuring shifters.

Cyn received a "Best Series" nomination for her fantasy trilogy Demon Hunter. Her novel Karma ranked #1 on Amazon in three distinct categories including superhero, action-adventure, and contemporary fantasy. She has been published in anthologies such as Skelos Press and Dark Eclipse.

Her characters are outcasts and anti-heroes with depth and real vulnerabilities. Each novel plot is designed to give heroes a challenge and villains a purpose. The worlds Cyn creates are a gritty mix of fantasy, magic, and the supernatural while exploring the theme of “success through struggle." She's expanded this theme into personal development books and guides.

Cyn has also written content for Microsoft, UFC, WWE, Planet Hollywood and more. As a former fitness competitor she still enjoys keep active through training but can also be found getting lost in a good story. Cynthia is available for conventions, interviews and workshops.

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