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Karma lands number one on Amazon

Let me start by saying I've been at this writing thing for many many years now. So when I reach a milestone whether big or small it is cause to celebrate. Finishing a novel, or a series, or getting your first 5 star review are all worthy celebrations. Today I'm celebrating because my little book surprised me and reached the #1 rank spot in multiple categories on Amazon...and it did it FAST!

My last book in the superhero urban fantasy series Silke's Strike Force was debuting so I ran a promotion for the rest of the series. Low and behold, book 1 Karma raced up the charts! I was keeping an eye on my stats, and the next thing I knew my books had ranked #1 in Action & Adventure Fantasy, Superhero Ebooks, and Contemporary Fantasy. I also reached #95 in the list of all Kindle bestsellers.

Believe me when I tell you I rode that high! And I'll be the first to admit the book was free and fans love their free stuff. But that's ok with me. It's still not easy to climb those charts. ALOT of readers have to want your free book to knock out some of the heavyweights holding the top spots.

More importantly for me, it means Karma is now in the hands of many, many readers. That's all an author ever wants. And, the rest of my series also did very well including Khaos which was just released. So thank you to those who got a copy of the book and a shout-out to those authors in the game with me. Celebrate your wins both big and small!


Meet the Characters of Silke's Strike Force:




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