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Review: Cobra Kai Season 2

There’s been a return to the 80’s as of late and why not? The 80’s were great! A lot of movies and TV have been tapping into the nostalgia of the 80’s and been having great success with it. Stranger Things is a prime example of embracing that era and even American Horror Story is now tapping into the big hair and spandex pants. But probably the best showcase of recapturing the nostalgia of that time is Cobra Kai. The Youtube original focuses on the characters from the original Karate Kid movie and mixes it with a new young cast to continue the story. Season 1 shined and became an instant success. I just finished season 2 are here are my thoughts:


It’s not always easy to follow up the success of a first film or the first season of a show but Cobra Kai picked up where it left off and gunned forward with the re-introduction of Kreese, the psycho sensai who ran Cobra Kai like a military black ops division. Bringing Kreese back rocks Johnny back on his heels as he instantly starts to fall back into his role of student. He starts to second guess himself which gives Kreese the leverage he needs to swoop in and take control of Cobra Kai. I really like the end where Kreese tells Johnny that he founded Cobra Kai and he was taking it back because in reality, that’s the truth. Johnny may have re-opened the dojo but in the real world Kreese would have ownership papers for that name and have a claim to it.

Meanwhile Daniel Larusso is also struggling as his focus on Myagi Do Karate starts to hinder his business affairs and his marriage. These are small but important layers to add to a character that makes the entire situation feel more realistic. The young kids are also fleshed out more and there’s the introduction of new characters as well.

The fight scenes were a little far out there but it’s a TV show about karate so I don’t mind. And that massive fight in the school was epic!


I really love this show so there’s not much I can say that didn’t work. The only things I can point out that I don’t really vibe with are the character Dimitri who is so annoying I don’t want to see him succeed…ever. And my other gripe is simply that I have to pay to see it. Youtube doesn’t have enough quality programming for me to indulge in another pay streaming service.


I can’t wait until season 3 which feels a million miles away!




"Original Cyn" Cynthia Vespia writes fantasy novels with edge. This blog is dedicated to all things fantasy and my author journey.


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