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Unique Fantasy Weapons

When it comes to writing about weapons in fiction, the fantasy and sci-fi genres offer endless creative possibilities. Let's explore some of the most unique weapons in fantasy.

sword image

Sword of Omens - Thundercats

The sword is a go-to weapon of choice for most fantasy warriors. I could do an entire discussion on swords alone. But I'm going to narrow it down with a look at a unique sword from a popular 80s cartoon. The Sword of Omens.

As Lord of the Thundercats, Lion-O needed an epic sword to lead his can clan. Not only did the Sword of Omens cut enemies down to size, it could also project energy from the Eye of Thundera.

The eye let Lion-O have sight-beyond-sight to see events in real time (sort of like a face time call!) and it also called out to his team when he needed them. If you shine a light a cat is bound to chase it. Another plus, the Sword of Omens could get smaller making it travel size for those long walks in the woods with Snarf.

Chakram - Xena: Warrior Princess

A legendary warrior like Xena needs a legendary weapon. Xena's chakram was based on a real life weapon used in South Asia. In Xena, the chakram worked as something of a boomerang. The warrior princess would launch it at enemies from many angles and have it return to her hand.

During the series, Xena's original chakram was destroyed by her arch enemy Callisto. When Xena reforges the weapon it becomes a yin-yang symbol shape rather than just a circle. With the new chakram Xena is able to split it into two equal halves and used them in hand-to-hand fights.

I always liked the newer version of the chakram because I really appreciated the thought that went into it. Which version did you like better?

Thulsa Doom's Snake Arrow - Conan the Barbarian

The bow and arrow is commonplace in fantasy stories. There's almost always an archer whether it be Legolas in Lord of the Rings or Katniss in the Hunger Games. But in the original Conan the Barbarian we see a very different version of the bow and arrow.

still image from Conan the Barbarian of Thulsa Doom with bow

Angered that Conan and his friends ransacked his temple and stole the princess from his clutches, Thulsa Doom seeks revenge. Being that his magic is intwined with snakes (its his brand afterall!) Thulsa Doom uses a reptile in place of an arrow to stage his attack.

At his command of "seek" the snake arrow is shot and finds it way into Conan's love interest Valeria. I believe this was intentional on Thulsa Doom's part. He wants Conan to suffer. What better way than killing the woman he loves? Conan even has to rip the snake from Valeria's side and then burns her on a funeral pyre. The snake arrow certainly did its job.

*Honorable Mention: Dagger of Snakes

The dagger used by Thulsa Doom's mercenaries is beautifully crafted and hints at the dual fangs of the serpent in its double blade.

Fangs of the serpent dagger from Conan

Hidden Blade - Assassin's Creed

The Hidden Blade is the signature weapon used throughout all the Assassin Creed games. The weapon is a blade discreetly hidden in a gauntlet and extended when needed to enact assassinations. The Hidden Blade's portability and concealment are trademarks of their guild.

Anytime you have a signature weapon that a character is immediately recognized for it's a plus. The Hidden Blade has been used before but if you're even familiar with the Assassin Creed games I guarantee seeing it now will make you think of the various characters who use it.

The Hidden Blade and the stealthy nature of Assassin's Creed is part of what makes the games fun. Being a fantasy writer I lean towards Odyssey and Valhalla as my favorite iterations of the Assassin's Creed games. In those, you'll find many different fantasy weapons at your disposal. But the Hidden Blade is always there no matter what. It's just up to you at how well you learn to use it.

Adamantium Claws - Wolverine

The X-Men all have their own unique strengths, powers, and weapons. But when you are that weapon it makes you that much more badass. Wolverine even carried the name Weapon X for a time. His adamantium claws suit his aggressive fighting style.

Originally, Wolverine's claws were made of bone. But after an experiment grafted the fictional metal alloy of adamantium onto his skeleton it gave him the trademark weapon. Depending on whether you look at the comics or the movies, it's a toss-up on who is responsible for the controversial experiment. The outcome remains the same however.

Because of Wolverine's extreme healing powers he took in more adamantium than expected during the experiement. As a result, his skeleton fused with the metal and his finger knives were now long, almost indestructible claws that seem to cut through anything. Plus, they're badass!


Before Chris Hemsworth donned the mantle of the God of Thunder, the history of Thor rested in Norse Mythology. For the sake of this discussion, we'll look at the Marvel version of Mjölnir.

I mentioned earlier that most warriors carry swords but Thor is a different breed of warrior. His weapon of choice is a mighty hammer capable of more than just blunt attacks. Mjölnir also has the capability to control the elements, open portals to other dimensions, or allow Thor to fly.

Mjölnir is small enough for Thor to wear at his belt should he choose to. It will also always return to his hand after being thrown or when he calls for it. When Odin first has Mjolnir created he places several enchantments on it. The inscription on the side of it reflects one of those enchantments reading: Whosoever holds this hammer, if he be worthy, shall possess the power of Thor.

Which fantasy weapon is your favorite? Or is there another that didn't make the list that you think is a unique fantasy weapon? Let me know in the comments!




"Original Cyn" Cynthia Vespia writes fantasy novels with edge. This blog is dedicated to all things fantasy and my author journey.


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