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Fantasy Casting a Novel

We all do it. Whether reading or writing we will see a picture in our head of what that character looks like. More often than not the visual aide is an actor. For me, I try not to lean too hard into the way an actor looks or acts because I don't want it to influence my character development. At the same time, it's fun to imagine my world coming to life from page to screen.

Here now is a sneak peek at the characters who will be involved in the Rayna the Dragon Warrior, book 2 in A Time of Dragons fantasy adventure series. Book 1 is available on Amazon or read the prequel Rise of the Dragonslayer for FREE!

Kathryn Winnick from Vikings

Rayna, the hero - I've always seen Kathryn Winnick as she appeared in Vikings...war paint and all!

Claire Stansfield as Alti from Xena

Nadiuska, the witch - There was a very evil villain on Xena called Alti played by Claire Stansfield. She had specific powers that were unique that I'm manipulating for my own witch.

Ed Skrein in Game of Thrones

Coraise, the mercenary - I didn't expect this guy to get page time but he weaved his way in and reminds me of the way Ed Skrein played Dario in Game of Thrones. Very sure of himself and quite charming too.

Liu Yifei from Mulan

K'lani, the sidekick - Spoiler alert! You helped name her and here she is. Every good fighter needs their sidekick and K'lani is that for Rayna. I got a Mulan vibe when writing her so the obvious fan cast choice would be Mulan herself, Liu Yifei.

Alfie Allen as Theon from Game of Thrones

Falkon, the king - Last but not least we have Falkon Fourspire returning as the king. The way he is developing in Dragon Warrior Im getting strong Theon Greyjoy vibes from his early start on Game of Thrones. Manipulative, dastardly, and a bit of a whiner. It remains to be seen if my Falkon has the same character arc that Theon wound up with.

This is part of the cast coming in Rayna the Dragon Warrior out later this year!

Rayna the Dragonslayer, book 1 in A Time of Dragons, is available now on Amazon

'She was a warrior forged from flame, a slayer of mighty dragons, until one final quest changed everything'


ABOUT: "Original Cyn" Cynthia Vespia writes fantasy novels with edge. This blog is dedicated to all things fantasy, writer wellness, and my author journey.




"Original Cyn" Cynthia Vespia writes fantasy novels with edge. This blog is dedicated to all things fantasy and my author journey.


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