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Living Your Dreams

I've been pondering what to write about for this month's post. What's universal? What does everyone want out of life? The answer: Dreams -to meet goals.

More often than not we will allow our dreams to slip away. We get caught up with day-to-day life, grow complacent, put things off, saying to ourselves we have plenty of time. Not true. No one should wait for a crisis before they set out in search of their hearts desires.

I believe in self improvement. Over the past few years I've studied quite a few different things and come to learn a lot about myself and what's been holding me back in certain areas of life. I'm sure it's the same for a lot of's fear. Fear of the unknown, fear of failure, even fear of success. I feel its weight like an anchor tied to my ankle. It's debilitating, keeps you complacent in your cozy little shell.

But when I look back over my life I don't want to regret anything. You always regret not doing something as opposed to doing because even if you try and it doesn't quite work out (notice I didn't say fail!) at least you learned something from the experience. The point is to not be afraid to venture out past the gates of safety and go after what you really want.

Think back to when you were a kid and the world was your playground. There were no limitations to your imagination, you were going to have, do, and be whatever you wanted and no one was going to stop you. When do we as adults lose that resolve? What gets stuck in our heads that makes us think we can't pursue our true passion? Are we not worthy enough?

In the movie Fight Club there is a scene where Brad Pitt puts a gun to a convenience store clerk's head and threatens to kill this man if he doesn't go back to school and realize his dream of becoming a veterinarian. Talk about stimulation to succeed!

But do we really need a threat on our lives or a close call to kick us in the butt? Maybe not a real gun to the head but I think you do have to have some sort of drive to get you going in the right direction, back on your true path.

"It's up to us to pursue and create the moments that will lift us and not limit us." - Tony Robbins

One of the greatest visionaries of our time is a man named Schwarzenegger. He came to this country with a gym bag and limited English and through hard work he became Mr. Olympia, an above the title actor, and the Governor of California. Why? He knew exactly what he wanted and he believed he would attain it, always fixing his path towards his goal to suit his needs. If something didn't work the first time he tweaked it until he reached his goal and then he made new goals. He knew where he would be in his life five years out! Schwarzenegger had visualization and positive thinking down before it became popular.

You have to chase your dreams. It gives you a reason to get up in the morning...other than the coffee that is. I've been interested in writing ever since I was a little kid. There's something to be said for that rush of inspiration and that fire in the heart that you get when you know you're doing what you're meant to be doing.

What I'm getting at with all this is that it's never too late to appease that little boy or girl inside you and follow through on a dream or goal you once thought lost. You're still breathing aren't you? There's too much talent going to waste because of fear and an overwhelming sense of responsibility. Consider me your proverbial gun to the head! Live your dreams!!




"Original Cyn" Cynthia Vespia writes fantasy novels with edge. This blog is dedicated to all things fantasy and my author journey.


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