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Review - A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood

As I sat in theater waiting for the movie to start, I wondered if any of the kids of today even knew who Mr. Rogers was. Growing up he was a that go-to TV show that made you feel good, like being wrapped in a warm hug.

Today’s kids are bombarded with sharp anime that pecks at the eyes like buzzards. None of it speaks to morality because that’s no longer “cool.” So, then we get a bunch of young adults with attitude problems and a lack of respect. Today’s world needs Mr. Rogers more than ever.

That’s why it was nice to see Mr. Tom Hanks bring Mr. Fred Rogers back to life. Hanks has a way of stepping into the shoes of real-life individuals in a seamless manner. Here are my thoughts on the film A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood.


Right away they start with the classic trolley moving through the little city and then they expanded that throughout the duration of the movie which made me giggle like a child. Of course, Hanks enters in the classic manner that Mr. Rogers always started his show. Singing the theme song to both the show and the movie, putting on his iconic red sweater, and switching shoes from dressy to casual. It brought back a lot of memories.

Hanks depiction of who Mr. Rogers was off set and in the public brought a little more insight into who he was as a man. The rest of the movie, well….


The rest of the movie spins off into one man’s struggle against, I dunno, being nice? He’s a real dick to most everyone and seems as if he’s trying to expose Mr. Rogers as a fraud. I get that the story was implementing some of Mr. Rogers lessons into the story I just wanted to see more Mr. Rogers and less…whoever that guy was. Although, now I’d like to read the magazine article that the movie was based on.


I enjoyed the film. It was a feel-good story which you don’t get a lot of anymore. And I don’t know how they recreated Mr. Rogers puppets but oh boy! Childhood remembered!!

A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood gets a thumbs up from me. 




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